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Every year, throughout Canada, thousands of unsuspecting people who are seeking water recreation suffer catastrophic and life-changing accidents because of other people’s negligence. In Alberta, there are many boating accidents that occur in the lake resort areas including Crypt Lake, Kinbasket Lake, Lake Athabasca, Lake Minnewanka, Maligne Lake, McGregor Lake, Pyramid Lake, Sylvan Lake and other areas within National Parks including Banff and Jasper.

Sadly, the majority of accidents that occur on the water are entirely avoidable. They are often the result of boat drivers who fail to exercise proper judgment and willingly jeopardize the safety of others. Some examples of boat operator error include:

  • Negligence toward the well-being of water skiers;
  • Operating a boat under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs or pharmaceuticals;
  • Operating a boat if visually impaired without using corrective eye wear or lenses;
  • Negligent spotters;
  • Operating a boat in an unsafe manner;
  • Failing to observe swimmers; and
  • Speeding or driving inappropriately close to the shore and/or docks.

The seasoned Calgary personal injury lawyers at Pipella Law can assist if you, or a member of your family, have been tragically affected by a boat accident in Alberta, or anywhere within Western Canada. Our personal injury lawyers fight to maximize the settlements for those who have suffered from the lack of care and/or inattention of others.

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Boating Accidents Involving Children and Teenagers

At Pipella Law, we understand the importance of your children’s needs and the impact that a serious boating accident, or other motor vehicle accident, can have on your loved one. Children and teenagers are not uncommon victims of boat accident liability because they are often the ones injured while water skiing, wake boarding, and tubing. Younger people are particularly sensitive to their appearance and the judgement of others. As a result, we understand that particular considerations have to be addressed in cases where our clients suffer from significant scarring or disfigurement because of a boater’s negligence.

We listen patiently to our clients in order to assess the severity of their pain and suffering. Our lawyers also rely on the expert consultation of professionals in the fields of medicine and psychology in order to build a stronger and more credible case for our clients.

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