Whether it is a slip and fall on an icy, wet, uneven, or unsecured surface, several injuries may easily occur to a person’s shoulder, hip, knee, or ankle joints during an awkward fall. Connective tissue and ligament damage may also result in car accidents where there has been a severe impact, twisting a person’s extremities. Bicycle accidents are just as dangerous for such injuries because there is so little protection for the cyclist.

Unlike broken bones, the damage to connective tissues within your joints may be very difficult to repair. Unlike a break, the recovery from a torn ligament or damaged joint may take months of rehabilitation and healing, as well the potential of having lifelong complications including arthritis and chronic pain.

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, bicycle accident, or have simply fallen on someone’s property and you have sustained a joint or ligament injury, call our personal injury lawyers at Pipella Law immediately. These injuries may be debilitating, requiring a great deal of medical and therapeutic attention, while hindering your ability to earn a living, as well as dealing with the long-term pain associated with such injuries. Call our legal team in Calgary at Pipella Law, and get the compensation you need to assist in your recovery.

Common Knee Injuries from Falls and MVAs:

  • ACL Tears due to an accident: The anterior cruciate ligament, (ACL), is located deep inside the knee and tears on the ligament may be extremely painful. Surgery may only be the solution to this injury.
  • MCL Tears due to an accident: The medial collateral ligament, (MCL), is also located on the side of the knee and supports the knee in its sideways movement and prevents it from buckling. A heavy fall or a sudden impact to the side of the knee may result in a damaged MCL. It can lead to restricted movement of the knee and a protracted treatment process.
  • Meniscal Tears due to an accident: The articular disks, (joint disks), of the knee are also called “menisci.” These two disks consist of connective tissues made up of collagen fibers. Their main utility lies in preventing the bones from rubbing against each other and also aids in shock absorption.

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