Unfortunately, children represent a large portion of the population who fall victim to dog bite attacks and animal attacks in Alberta. However, the experience for any individual may cause serious injury, scarring, and carry psychological damage that may last a lifetime. If you, or a family member, have suffered from such an attack that requires medical care and costs, along with physical and psychological rehabilitation, it is important to know that you have the right to compensation. Dog attack cases are complex and they demand the attention of a skilled and experienced personal injury lawyer.

Working with our established injury law team, we will investigate your case and leverage all of the resources and field experts required to properly assess your damages and place a claim against the pet owners responsible for your pain. It is also important to recognize that animal and dog bites do not always occur with large and menacing dogs. Serious injuries can also occur with very small, or overly friendly dogs and pets, often when a child is involved.

Compensation for Dog Bite Victims

By law, pet owners must uphold their duty of care as owners of their animals. This simply means that if the animal or dog hurts a person, they may then be responsible for claims of lost income, medical costs, cosmetic expenses (including surgery), or other forms of future rehabilitation. As personal injury lawyers representing your claim, it is our job to:

1) Establish that the pet owner was negligent and failed to exercise the requisite duty of care; and
2) Produce a full cost assessment of the damages that the victim has sustained in many areas including medical, income loss, cosmetic, and psychological.

Contact Our Dog Bite Lawyers in Calgary

As with any injury case, your ability to maximize your settlement is dependent on retaining a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to get legal counsel immediately when facing a dog bite or animal attack. Our personal injury lawyers can leverage our resources to ensure you get the care you need, while building your case. As with all of our personal injury cases, we provide contingency fees so you do not have legal fees until we deliver a fair settlement. We also provide in-hospital counsel for our clients during their care, and are available to our clients on a 24-hour basis.