When people suffer from injuries to their head, brain, neck, and/or spinal cord, the costs may be catastrophic. The mental and physical anguish that the victims and their families undergo can be devastating. To ease the pain and suffering, victims and their families deserve to be compensated by the negligent parties. If you have been disabled, or a member of your family has been disabled or killed, as a result of a head, brain, neck or spinal cord injury, we recommend that you speak with our personal injury lawyers at Pipella Law immediately. The insurance companies do not always have your best interest in mind and it is important that you get all the compensation that you deserve so you can provide for your family, pay for treatment bills, recover lost wages, receive long-term care, and ease your pain and suffering.

Our Calgary personal injury lawyers at Pipella Law along with our vast array of medical experts are capable of properly assessing the true impact of a devastating head, brain, neck, vertebrae or spinal cord injury. We utilize a team of expert consultants in the areas of medicine, economics, long-term care, and insurance in order to determine and recover the right amount of damages to help you and your family put the pieces back together.

We represent clients injured in many accidents including:

  • Personal injury;
  • Auto & motor vehicle accidents;
  • Car accidents;
  • Truck accidents;
  • Motorcycle accidents;
  • Boat accidents;
  • ATV accidents & snowmobile accidents;
  • Bicycle & pedestrian knockdown accidents;
  • Fatalities & wrongful death;
  • Hospital malpractice;
  • Slip, trip and fall accidents;
  • Excessive force assault, battery injuries;
  • Defective product injuries; and
  • Potentially other scenarios.

The Devastation of Serious Head & Spinal Cord Injuries

Serious head, neck, vertebrae and spinal cord accidents can lead to devastating disabilities and may lead to permanent brain damage and paralysis. Rather than focusing solely on long-term care and various medical expenses, we present evidence of how an injured victim’s former life has been catastrophically altered. We effectively illustrate how the injured party’s life has been interrupted and that the physical and emotional anguish of the victim and the family is very real and must be compensated.

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If you, or a family member, has sustained an injury to your spinal cord, vertebrae, head, neck, or back caused by someone’s negligence, please call to schedule a free consultation. We utilize a team of expert consultants in the areas of medicine, economics, and long term and future care in order to build a compelling case for our clients. Contact our Calgary personal injury lawyers to discuss what is owed to you today.