For most employees working in Alberta, they are fortunate to have short-term and long-term (LTD) packages provided by their employer’s benefit package. These benefits clearly provide a level of financial security, if an employee experiences an injury that prevents them from working. However, insurance providers do not look to pay out the full compensation amounts for every claim. For insurance companies, it is simply the business of numbers and to get a maximum claim from them, you absolutely need the negotiating experience and representation of an establishedpersonal injury lawyer in Calgary.

Qualifying for Long-Term Disability Claims in Alberta

If you are trying to qualify for long-term disability in Alberta (LTD), there are a series of criteria that must be met, and these points of assessment are typically subject to your employer’s group insurance policy. In most cases, there are two definitions of disability that are referred to over two durations of time:

  1. Initial 2-year period: Is the individual capable of performing his/her agreed job responsibilities, prior to the time of sickness or injury?
  2. Post 2-year period: Can the employee demonstrate he/she is unable to perform any job related to their previous job responsibilities?

These assessments also account for a claimant’s age, education and work experience. It is not uncommon for an insurance company to cut off a recipient in spite of data from medical staff who can confirm the patient has not recovered. This is where individuals making LTD claims need the support and representation of a long-term injury lawyer who can defend their claim and get them the compensation they need.

Do Not Get Pushed Over By Insurance Companies

Cases of long-term disability are complex and require strong negotiating skills from those who are dedicated to personal injury law. Our long-term disability lawyers bring a great depth of experience in representing a wide array of long-term injuries, as well as successfully representing these cases to insurance companies. If you are dealing with a long-term injury, contact ourpersonal injury lawyers in Calgary for a free consultation and take action toward preserving your insurance coverage.