As Canadian baby boomers move into to the senior citizen demographic, they and their children are becoming more aware of the necessary and difficult decisions that must be made toward their future care. There is an even more critical choices made when a parent or loved one suffers from complex physical or mental health issues that demand constant care from nursing staff.

This increased demand on senior healthcare has placed significant strain on our public healthcare system, and opened an opportunity for the private sector to meet the demand. While the private health care groups are held to strict health care standards, strained budgets can leave staff with less training, decreased supervision, and fewer resources. It is under these circumstances that your loved one may suffer from an accident caused by negligence. When these incidents occur, your family should consider meeting with a skilled personal injury lawyer in Calgary to discuss your options.

When A Family’s Trust Has Been Broken

Your family has made a considerable investment in the care of your loved one, and with this decision you have a certain expectation for the level of care and compassion that will be provided by a senior care facility. When this trust and promise of care have been broken your family should consult with a personal injury lawyer who can help you assess the current circumstance of your loved one in care, as well as advising how you can move forward in building a case against a nursing care facility.

Indicators Of Abuse In Senior Nursing Homes

If your family suspects that your loved one has been abused or neglected by nursing home staff, it is important to observe and document their physical and mental condition, as well as the condition of their residence, and the facility in general. Obvious indicators of physical abuse include: disheveled appearance, poor hygiene and cleanliness, bruising, bedsores, and medical neglect. Mental and emotional abuse is harder to identify but can be expressed with signs of depression, decreased communication, loss of appetite, and social with drawl.

Filing Claims For Nursing Home Abuse In Calgary

Regardless of whether you suspect, or have solid evidence, that your loved one has been exposed to abuse by nursing home staff in Alberta, contact our personal injury lawyers in Calgary. Our legal team will meet with you and your family, assess your circumstances, and provide counsel regarding your next steps for submitting a complaint, or filing suit for the damages suffered by your loved one.