Torn ligaments, broken bones, and fractures are some of the most common personal injury claims in Alberta. At Pipella Law, we have a long-standing reputation for successfully representing clients who are dealing with orthopaedic injuries, and we understand the long-term suffering, rehabilitation costs, and impact of lost income that such injuries create including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). For these very reasons, it is very important that you work with a personal injury lawyer who understands your circumstances, and who can effectively negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf.

If you are coping with a serious orthopaedic injury, let us represent your efforts to get the maximum compensation you deserve. As with all of our cases, we operate on a contingency fee basis which means you do not have to pay any legal fees until we settle your case.

Nurses talking to patient and his spouse.

Getting Medical Care & Rehabilitation Services

While broken bones, fractures, and torn ligaments may be repaired, they may still cause great pain and inconvenience well into your later years. This is especially true in colder climates. Conditions including arthritis, impaired mobility, reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), or chronic pain are all plausible outcomes of such bone and ligament injuries, and they can have a direct impact on your quality of life, and your ability to earn a living.

In circumstances that involve these injuries, we will work with your doctor and additional medical experts to assess your condition and build a case that can be used in negotiating your settlement. Our personal injury lawyers will be prepared to represent your case, and secure the adequate compensation you need for your current pain, along with your future treatment and needs.

Start Building Your Case Today

Do not hesitate to explore the possible settlement you deserve from a negligent individual or organization. Our accident lawyers in Calgary can help you build a case for your orthopaedic injuries while preventing the insurance companies from cutting you off of your medical treatments before reaching your full recovery. As mentioned, all of our personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis so our clients do not face legal fees until we deliver a fair settlement. We also make hospital visits for clients, and are available on a 24-hour basis. Call us today.