Today, environmental and health issues result in a high number of pedestrians and bicycles utilizing our streets and roadways. Because of this, approximately 10% of traffic fatalities include people walking or riding their bicycles. An even higher percentage of pedestrians and bicyclists who are involved in traffic accidents, sustain severe and debilitating injuries because they have relatively little protection. The personal injury lawyers at Pipella Law’s Calgary office are committed to assisting pedestrians and bicyclists, and the families of people who have suffered injuries, as a result of a traffic accident. If a pedestrian knockdown or bicycle injury has affected your life dramatically, contact our pedestrian knockdown lawyers.


Common Causes of Bicycle & Pedestrian Knockdown Accidents

Negligence on behalf of motor vehicle operators is the major cause of bicycle and pedestrian knockdown injury accidents. While it is true that runners, walkers, bicyclists and pedestrians are the cause of some injuries, the majority of fault is typically attributed to drivers who:

  • Turn into an intersection who are distracted or do not see pedestrians;
  • Disregard stop signs or red lights and run through them;
  • Excessively speed, unable to stop or slow down in time;
  • Fail to use headlights properly at twilight, dusk, or dawn; and
  • Open car doors where bicyclists risk riding into them.

Depending on the insurance coverage of an injured party and driver, the person who was injured may have a right to recover benefits through no-fault protection. The injured pedestrian, or bicyclist, may have a claim to recover lost income and medical expense reimbursements. If you have been the victim in such an accident, and you are uncertain of your legal options, contact our Calgary personal injury lawyers to determine where you stand regarding your personal injury claim.

Injury Claims from Hit & Run Accidents

A large number of severe injuries, fatal bike accidents, and pedestrian knockdowns are the result of hit-and-run drivers. Since the driver’s identity is not known, a claim against the driver’s insurance company cannot be made in a hit-and-run accident. In this case, the injured party can receive benefits from his or her insurance policy under the uninsured motorist clause. This is also true if the driver at fault can be identified, but does not carry sufficient insurance coverage. In either case, we do not recommend that you negotiate with your own or other third-party insurance company. Insurance companies have their own expert negotiators who hold the financial interest of settling for as little as possible. If you have been involved in a serious knockdown accident, contact one of Pipella Law’s bicycle or pedestrian knockdown lawyers today and let us handle the negotiations for you, or your loved one, and get the compensation you deserve.

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