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The owners of residences, businesses, and properties in Alberta have a responsibility to keep their properties safe and well-maintained. Serious trip, slip and fall injuries can and do occur when negligent owners and operators allow hazardous conditions to exist. Contact Calgary’s slip and fall lawyers if you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligent maintenance of a property meant for public use. There is the possibility that you may have a slip and fall lawsuit.

Our Calgary personal injury law firm manages the recovery of your loss of income, mounting bills for treatment, and other damages when you are hurt in a slip and fall accident. We are recognized in the Calgary legal community as a law firm that will aggressively represent you through every important step in the process, bringing closure to your slip and fall lawsuit.

Because we all spend so much of our daily lives navigating public walkways and commercial spaces, we do not realize the interruption that a slip, trip and fall accident can have. Slipping on the smallest pool of liquid in a market or tripping on some jagged sidewalk concrete can lead to many issues including missed work, loss of wage, long-term rehabilitation if you have broken any bones, muscle injuries, torn ligaments, ruptured tendons and chronic pain.

Occupier’s Liability Act & Slip & Fall Cases

The Occupier’s Liability Act states that:

“An occupier of a premises owes a duty to take such care as in all the circumstances of the case is reasonable to see that each person entering on the premises and the property brought on the premises by that person are reasonably safe while on the premises.”

Slip, trip and fall prevention is the responsibility of the owner or the person put in charge of the property.

Our lawyers handle slip and fall lawsuits for clients who have suffered because of a lapse by the persons responsible for maintaining a safe premises. Whether it is a business or a residence, the owner or responsible party must maintain trip and fall safety standards for the public. Some slip and fall scenarios that can cause injury include the presence of jagged concrete, uneven pavement, ice on city/public/private walkways and lack of snow removal/sanding/salting.

Owners and responsible parties are also, by law, charged with the responsibility of slip, trip and fall prevention in businesses such as grocery stores and shopping centers. As it often happens, businesses try to save on costs and do not maintain their premises safely. The persistent hazards that exist as a result can cause victims to slip, trip or fall leaving them physically traumatized and emotionally upset. Pipella Law’s accident lawyers hold a firm understanding of Alberta’s laws on this issue and use the latest innovations to completely investigate the accident and recover the largest slip and fall compensation for your physical and emotional pain and suffering.

No Legal Fees until We Win/ FREE Consultation

If your injuries are the result of the negligent maintenance of public property, you have the right to seek monetary damages for your physical and emotional pain and suffering. If you have a question about the liability of a trip and fall, or whether or not you have a potential case, contact Pipella Law’s slip, trip and fall lawyers in Calgary for a free consultation. All of our slip and fall settlements are handled on a contingency basis, meaning that you pay nothing until we settle your claim.