Because snow machines and ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), are designed to drive at relatively high speeds on many surfaces including slippery inclines, snow and icy conditions, loose gravel, and rocky terrain, the chance of accidents increases by the very nature of these vehicles. Other climate and terrain issues that can lead to accidents are running into barbwire fences, driving in white-out weather conditions with poor visibility, and not being aware of proper avalanche warnings.

Often, these types of conditions would be challenging for the most experienced drivers. When you consider the wide range of operator age and experience levels, fatal ATV accidents and serious snowmobile injuries are a very real possibility. If your life has been tragically interrupted by a serious ATV or snowmobile accident, contact our Calgary personal injury lawyers who have the legal experience to build an accident claim for victims of ATV and snowmobile accidents. We cater to various sporting and recreational accident cases in Alberta and other areas of Western Canada.

If you are debating over whether you should pursue legal action for your injuries, or the wrongful death of a loved one, contact Pipella Law’s personal injury lawyers. Booking a free consultation with our legal team can help determine if there were questionable actions and any third parties who may have caused an ATV accident. It is important to act quickly in determining whether or not you have a claim to compensation due to someone’s negligent operation of an ATV or snowmobile. Email or call us at 1-888-555-555 immediately.

ATV’s & Snowmobiles are Subject to Recalls Due to Defective Product & Design

Due, in some cases, to relaxed manufacturing regulations, many models of ATV’s and Snowmobiles are subject to voluntary and mandatory recalls. For instance, a recent defective ATV that was taken off the market was the Yamaha Rhino. The Yamaha Rhino had several design flaws that added to the chance of injury while operating the vehicle.

Defective design of the Yamaha Rhino caused the ATV to be unstable resulting in an easy rollover. Further, a faulty restraint system resulted in operators and riders to be thrown off the ATV. It should also be noted that a poorly designed and manufactured roll bar could not bear the strain of excessive pressure and would fail.

Most recently Yamaha has also sent out a voluntary recall of their Grizzly 550 in Canada. The nature of recall concerns a steering column support that could fail, resulting in the ATV being impossible to steer. This loss of control can cause an accident that could lead to serious or fatal injuries.

You may pursue monetary recovery from the manufacturer of the snowmobile or ATV if equipment failure or design defects were factors in an injury that affected you or a family member. Lack of proper regulations, lack of manufacturers’ warnings, and helmet issues may play a role as well. If you feel you have been seriously injured as the result of a defective product, you should contact our personal injury lawyers to discuss your options.

When Your Injuries or Loss Results From Careless or Inattentive Operation

ATV and snowmobile accidents may occur when careless or inattentive operators collide with other riders. These cases of negligent driving can result in the injured party being monetarily compensated through an existing homeowners’ insurance policy. Pipella Law will diligently assess every possible stream of compensation to make sure the victims that we represent may see relief from their pain and suffering.

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