Good Morning Tara, Lucinda and wonderful team:

I have been meaning to connect with you, to thank everyone for all the work you put into helping me with my case. I have been in quite a bit of a fog this last week and can finally feel the weight lifted off me. It has been hard to realize that it is over, but every day is better. It is almost like mourning. You guys have been with me through some terrible, trying times……like family.

Thank you for your time, compassion, understanding, patience and friendship. I gathered strength from all of this and am looking forward to a bright future. Your professionalism is astounding and I am very lucky that we chose you to represent me.

I will keep in touch as I journey onward with sunflowers, rainbows, moon beams, smiles and sunshine beaming on me.

Thanks so much,
Love Always,
Alex T.