On October 4 2010, I was involved in a car accident and I had no idea of the long-term effects it was going to have on my health, energy, social life and career. I did not feel that I was that badly injured at the time, however, as time when on, I developed more and more nagging health issues. When the 2- year deadline to settle with the insurance company was looming and I was still waiting for surgery and other issues to resolve, I was told I had to seek out legal advice. Having had some very unpleasant experiences with lawyers in the past, I was quite upset and did not want to work with a lawyer. I was referred by a co-worker to Tara Pipella; whom they highly recommended. Tara and all of the Pipella group have changed my opinion on lawyers, and I now have some faith and trust in them again.

* In fact I have referred others to her since.

Tara never gave up on me and through the long, drawn out medical processes, she stood by me, although at times, I am sure my distrust of the lawyers came through loud and clear. She was very understanding and made the whole ordeal as pleasant as possible. I can never say thank you enough to her and the firm for finally resolving the case and pushing the insurance company for a settlement on my behalf. Although money can never buy back your health, it can ease some of the stresses in life. I highly recommend seeking this firm out, if you have been injured.