The night of January 19, 2007 changed my life forever. I was outside going for a stroll while 6 months pregnant. I was at a crosswalk in Calgary. I looked both ways, the sign indicated I could “walk”, so I crossed the street, when all of a sudden, I was hit by a truck.

The doctors gave me 48 hours for the bleeding in my brain to stop before they could determine my prognosis. I sustained many injuries due to this accident which turned my life completely upside down. My family and friends visited me at the hospital, but I could not remember them for a period of time after the incident. I lost mobility of my legs for four months, and was left with permanent neck, back, hip, and balance problems, along with various emotional issues, and a traumatic brain injury. I lost my senses of smell and taste which have never returned, however, I am trying to cope, so I can move forward with my life.

While unconscious in the hospital, my husband found Pipella Law. To this day, my lawyer, Tara Pipella has been extremely helpful to me. Visiting their doctors, along with my own, changed my life for the better. Every opinion matters. Tara and her legal assistant, Del, were amazing. They helped and listened when I felt alone. Tara stressed how important it was for me to get occupational therapy. My OT opened my eyes to new possibilities and to getting more independent in the years following my accident.

Before my accident, I worked as a medical assistant for hospitals in Calgary. After the accident, I had to go on disability due to medical issues because of all my health complications. However, my son was born in April of 2007, happy and healthy. In June of 2010, I gave birth to another boy, however the doctors recommended that I not have anymore children because my body could not handle the further stress of carrying a baby which could permanently affect my mobility. However, having two small boys is the best thing I ever did for settling.

On the day Tara Pipella settled my case, out of court, I took a structured settlement, so I will get paid every month for the rest of my life to cover my financial needs. This has enabled me to be a stay-at-home mother which I love. I would highly recommend Tara at Pipella Law to anyone who has gone through a traumatic experience like mine. The people at the law firm are very kind and efficient with everything. They try to relieve your stress and are extremely helpful. They look out for everyone in the family suffering with an injured one. Thank-you to Tara, Del and the team at Pipella Law.