My husband, Darwin, was involved in a motor vehicle accident as a passenger in August, 2016 that left him a quadriplegic C4/C5. After the MVA, he was flown directly by STARS to the care and expertise of the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton. Being fairly new residents to Canada, the ICU staff effortlessly made the rest of my family realize and feel that we were not alone and that help was near.

During the long medical process including meetings, conferences and consultations, we were advised to seek legal representation which pushed my adrenalin to soar up again, as fear, discomfort and the uncertainty of litigation loomed over my head.

The bleak reality of trying to keep my husband alive and coping with our devastated children for whom I needed to stay strong and then to now consider suing a friend, who was the driver?

It felt like huge boulders were raining down on me that day. However, I dialled my dear friend`s phone number for a legal referral, and the rest is history.

Tara Pipella and Lucille travelled to Edmonton and my instincts told me such indication and presence of her family with her was a bonus factor and personally, a true GIFT —THEY are FAMILY to us now.

A flicker of hope and light ignited in me while common notion “lawyer skepticism” terminated right there and then.

In her outmost professionalism, transparency and spontaneity, Tara explained what her law firm does, as well as facts and details of the “would be” case. The best part of our encounter was Tara`s recognition of the basic, simple truth, that is – it is all about DARWIN and rest of his family.

She knew and felt our all around human fragility at that time, and that such a large amount of information she was giving us that day, would only partly sink in, or not at all! She strongly encouraged us to communicate and ask us questions at a more convenient time. And so it was.

Tara emphasized that we try to seek help and take care more of ourselves, to better able to care for Darwin, which we surely did.

She was the best lawyer and at the same time a “medical adviser.”

Within two years, we were so fortunate to be represented by Tara and the rest of the personal, compassionate, and empathetic “power cast” of a team at Pipella Law.

Another plus, was that they did not oblige us to shell out upfront legal fees until the case was resolved.

We basically did not lift a finger.

I am so proud to mention the driven and marvelous Del who was a pillar of strength, not only to clients, but to the firm itself. She took time to listen and left no single question unanswered or unattended to.

Grace patiently kept us directed and guided with her ever comforting voice as well.

To you Kimber and the rest of whom I have not named, you know yourselves, and please accept our forever gratitude for such understanding, friendship, respect and dignity that you accorded to us.

In these turbulent and unpredictable times, you are miracle workers, as Darwin could not be where he is now without you and your law firm.

This is why I will keep in touch with all of you as Darwin`s journey has just begun in a positive, better sense, which you had a hand in yet again. Stem Cell. Muchas Gracias Kapamilya and Kapuso – (Thank you so much . You are family and We are one at Heart ).

Stresses, challenges in life and therapies for Darwin may not bring him back to his full physically, moving self. However, as a family, we will face the future now with better ease and peace of mind from the settlement you fought for on behalf of Darwin.

You even referred us to one of the best structured settlement companies, (Gerri at Henderson), to take care of Darwin`s finances).

You are always, and will be, a source of strength and courage for all of us, as your presence reminds us that He Is Amongst all of us, and He Is Good.

Needless to say for you brothers and sisters out there who become injured, or have been injured:

Get “The help you want when you need it the most” from the Pipella Law Office.

More power as always,

Darwin, Dina and kids