In March of 1994, I was left paralyzed on a hockey rink in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan. I was hit from behind into the boards during a playoff game, causing my C5 and C6 vertebrae to explode. After a long period of confusion, the inevitability of my situation became apparent, waking me up to the realization that my life would be very different from then on.

Having other things on my mind, the concept of pursuing legal matters was something I really did not want to think about. My parents explained the necessity of it, making me aware of the aspects of life that would become costly and of the benefits which legal action would provide me if my life didn’t resume to its previous expectations. My parents sought the expertise of the personal injury law firm, Pipella Law, to represent my action. I met with Ed Pipella who made me feel confident and comfortable with the notion of litigation.

From that day forth, they handled nearly every detail of the case, allowing me to move forward with my life. They handled the case in an extremely professional manner and as a result, I was awarded a significant sum of money.

It has been over a decade since my accident, and despite the initial progress in the first few years, I am still using a wheelchair and suffer from a considerable amount of pain throughout my body. Life is not simple. However, with the settlement achieved by Pipella Law, I have a great deal of independence and freedom. As a result, I am thoroughly enjoying my life and cannot imagine how difficult my situation would have been if I had not pursued legal action, or had I ended up with less competent representation.

Currently, I am studying philosophy at the University of Victoria in an attempt to achieve a second degree, and I aspire to become a professor, a job that I believe will fulfill me and provide the time necessary to deal with my physical pain. I am fortunate to be afforded the time to seek the right profession for me.

During the winter months, I spend several weeks a year in foreign countries with warm climates where my pain is considerably reduced.

These freedoms make my life not only tolerable, but enjoyable.

There is no question that since the accident, my life is considerably more expensive to maintain. Housing accommodations always have to be altered, medical supplies are extremely costly and my physical therapy, which I choose to continue working at, is no longer covered under health care. Thankfully, I do not need to worry about these expenses. Life is good.