In 1987, at the age of 10, I suffered a spinal cord injury in a skiing accident which rendered me a C4-5 quadriplegic.

After meeting with several lawyers, my family retained the legal services of Pipella Law to represent my claim. This choice was based upon the fact that Pipella Law specializes in serious personal injury, had extensive experience with impressive results and were interested in taking immediate action.

The small, personable atmosphere of the firm was the best fit for me as a little kid. The team of lawyers demonstrated a real sense of understanding and compassion with respect to the challenges my family was facing and there was never a time when I felt intimidated by the lawyers, or the process of litigation. Everyone at the firm always felt, and continues to feel, like a member of our family. 

My case settled successfully and has had a fundamental effect on my life over the past 20 years. The compensation I received from the litigation has enabled me to lead a fulfilling and relatively independent life. More specifically, I have had the resources to pay for the caregivers and equipment I require to achieve my goals and dreams. (Some of which would have been pretty hard to convince volunteers to do!) With the help of my attendants, I was able to complete Commerce and Law degrees in 8 years with portions of that study being completed in Montreal, Miami and the United Kingdom.

I received my law degree from the University of Calgary in the spring of 2003, and was proud to ‘return’ to Mr. Pipella and Pipella Law for my Articles. I was called to the Bar in the fall of 2004, and continued to practice full time until 2007 when my husband and I, (plus caregiver), took a year long leave to travel the world.