It was a fall that forever changed not only my life, but also that of my wife, Donna, and children, Kate and Amy.

Prior to the accident, that in June 2003 rendered me a C5-6 incomplete quadriplegic, I enjoyed an enviable life. Every free moment found me cycling, hiking, canoeing, running, cross-country skiing, or otherwise enjoying the natural world. I was just completing my 25th year of teaching high school Science, Physical Education and Outdoor pursuits. Life was good.

My wife, also a teacher, and I spent countless hours with our girls who participated in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. Besides being an enthusiastic supporter, I enjoyed coaching their soccer and basketball teams. When summer rolled around, we loved to hit the road in our camper van, enjoying the nomadic life.

Life, as our family knew it, ended the night of my accident, but the realization of the challenges we were going to face took longer to transpire. Although the focus of attention was primarily on me, the needs of the rest of the family had to be considered.

A friend encouraged us to pursue legal action, knowing better than we what ongoing financial challenges we would face.

Word of mouth references led us to engage Pipella Law as our counsel. Through our four years of litigation, we were comforted by the warm, personal approach each member of the firm provided. We felt respected and understood, and were always treated with dignity. We came to realize that they were motivated by the compassion they felt for the plight of individuals like us. Our recent settlement has helped to relieve us of our fears for our future, and we are now able to concentrate our energy on rebuilding our lives. We are eternally grateful to Pipella Law for the significant part they have played in making this happen.