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Personal Injury Lawyer in Calgary

Each year in Canada, there are over 150,000 traffic accidents. Of these, 2,900 are fatalities. This staggering amount of road collisions have devastating consequences because of the personal injuries they cause. If you have injuries from a car, truck, bicycle, or motorcycle accident in Alberta, chances are you’re not sure what personal injury means for you.


What Does a Personal Injury Mean to You?
  • missed work
  • lost wages
  • significant vehicle damage
  • financial difficulties
  • pain and suffering
  • long-term health issues
  • permanent disabilities

Your injuries from a truck accident or car accident can be painful, devastating, and financially difficult. Not only is your life interrupted with trying to get better, but you need to consider the ramifications of failing to get the payout in which you’re entitled. Our personal injury lawyers specialize in various areas of personal injury law intimately understanding what’s involved in personal injury statutes, insurance codes and liability. A Calgary Personal Injury law firm that prides itself on defending the rights of victims of accidents using the most innovative means of negotiation and courtroom litigation.