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For maximum results, contact our Calgary personal injury lawyers at Pipella Law today for a free consultation and let us handle the stresses involved with litigating your accident claim. We represent clients who have personal injury, or wrongful death claims on a contingency basis, which means you do not pay unless we recover compensation for your injuries.

Motor Vehicle Accidents Motor Vehicle Accidents Motor Vehicle Accidents Motor Vehicle Accidents Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Rely On the MVA Lawyers That Win In Alberta Our goal is to always collect the maximum compensation for our clients by negotiating a settlement. However, the personal injury lawyers at Pipella Law are also prepared to aggressively take your case to trial if need be, but always hope to settle before that stage because going to trial is very expensive.
Personal Injury Personal Injury Personal Injury Personal Injury Personal Injury Personal Injury Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Auto Accidents / Car & Truck Accidents / Slip, Trip & Fall / Serious Injuries / Wrongful Death Successful law firms which practice personal injury and wrongful death law in Alberta have to be compassionate about the pain and suffering that their clients experience. They must also possess a firm grasp of the law keeping abreast of all current cases and statutes involving their personal injury claim to determine liability. Our Calgary personal injury lawyers at Pipella Law pride themselves on providing sensitive, client-based service while diligently defending the rights of accident victims. Our Alberta personal injury lawyers leverage the most innovative means of negotiation and courtroom litigation. We are committed to getting our clients the maximum compensation for their losses, pain, and suffering.
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When you’ve suffered an injury — particularly when it wasn’t your fault — it can seem like your entire world has been turned upside down. The Court process can be confusing, insurance companies will fight to deny you the money you are owed, and those responsible for your injuries, may refuse to admit liability.

The experienced personal injury lawyers at Pipella Law, will help you navigate the legal system to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

In accordance with The Limitation Act of Alberta, a Statement of Claim must be filed within 2 years of the date upon which the incident took place. Failure to file in time, will result in your claim being statute-barred. Getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer early, will help guide you through the complex process of civil litigation, and will make compiling your necessary documents easier, simpler, and faster.

If you are involved in a motor vehicle collision, you must exchange information, file a police report, and talk to your own insurance company. Beyond this, it is generally ill-advised to communicate with the other party’s insurance company. Pipella Law suggests that you consult with a personal injury lawyer prior to communicating with anyone.

The vast majority of cases (around 98%) are settled out-of-court. Having experienced lawyers who can cut through the “red tape” on your way to a settlement, is crucial to receiving compensation. They will be able to evaluate your case, and be prepared for any situation, including the possibility of going to trial.

Pipella Law operates on a “contingency fee” basis. What that means is that we do not get paid until you do. If the case heads to trial, we do not receive anything — unless we win. This will allow you to focus on recovery, without the stress of wondering whether you can afford to be compensated for your losses.

While efficiency is important, the process takes time. Let a personal injury Lawyer at Pipella Law take upon the hassle of handling your case, and you will not pay any fees throughout the process until settlement.


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In late 2014, I was in a bad car accident. I was put in contact with Tara Pipella at Pipella Law, and immediately felt comfortable. The Associates at Pipella Law put a strong emphasis on integrity, which is one of the many great things that helped us obtain a successful outcome. Everything is done professionally, and in a timely manner. It was truly a pleasure working with each one of the team members at this firm. Thank you so much to everyone at Pipella Law!

Jared B.

We found everyone very caring, compassionate, professional and efficient and would recommend Pipella Law over any other law firm. They are truly No: 1!

Ray & Anne J.

With the assistance of Kimber Pipella and the team at the firm, Pipella Law helped us to get justice.

Muhammad Z.