Bringing Dogs to the Workplace: The Benefits and Challenges

Taffi & Lexi working hard at Pipella Law!

The workplace is a second home for many of us; now, it can also be a home for our furry friends. Pipella Law, a leading Personal Injury Law firm in Calgary, has embraced the trend of having dogs in the workplace and has reaped its numerous benefits.


Pipella Law has two “full-time” Australian Labradoodles, Lexington and Taffi, who are available for clients who may be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, and/or any other psychological injuries. These wonderful dogs provide comfort and support to clients and create a warm and friendly work environment; reducing stress levels; and improving overall employee happiness.

Taffi & Lexi working hard at Pipella Law!

Taffi & Lexi working hard at Pipella Law!

Kona, Taffi & Lexi at Pipella Law

While having dogs in the workplace is becoming more common, there are still considerations to be made. Employee health, safety, and animal welfare should be considered, and Pipella Law acknowledges that it is crucial to respect clients who may not prefer to be in the company of dogs.

The advantages of having dogs in the workplace are numerous. They can help reduce stress levels; and improve employee morale. They are a good excuse for employees to take regular breaks, get fresh air, and exercise. In addition, Pipella Law recommends pilot testing the idea, to ensure that it benefits both staff and the animals.

Pipella Law’s experience with having dogs in the workplace has been overwhelmingly positive, and the firm encourages others to consider it. As leaders in the community, they also support various philanthropic causes, including “Bully’s The Bulldog Magazine”, which raises funds for animal and environmental conservation. If you want to create a more welcoming and productive work environment, why not bring your best friend to work? It is a win-win for all.

From left: Lucille Pipella, Tara D. Pipella K.C., Virginia Xavier, Dr. Martha Hart, Oje Hart, Kimber Pipella with Lexi, and Del Manhas.