The Late Bill P.

In 1985, my daughter, Debra, underwent a dental procedure that resulted in her dying for a short period of time. However, she was thankfully revived by the work of her mother, a registered nurse. As a result, she ended up a semi-quad because of a lack of oxygen to the brain.

Today, she has partial use of all four limbs, but does not have full control of any. She is confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. 

Mr. Pipella proposed legal action after watching from afar as my ex-wife, Carol, and I visited Debra on a daily basis for many months while she was treated at the now-defunct General Hospital.

Pipella took the case and ran with it, spending countless hours building a case that the defense – in the end – had declared unbeatable if it had actually gone to trial. They settled out of court.
Pipella’s persistence paid off in this matter. If it wasn’t for his determination, Debbie, may very well have been a heavy burden on her whole family today. Because Mr. Pipella and his associates did such an extraordinary job in representing my daughter, she is living a life of semi-independence in rural Alberta and has a settlement that will keep her as comfortable as possible for the rest of her life.

I would personally recommend Ed Pipella and his company in any matter of civil law.

John M.

In March of 1994, I was left paralyzed on a hockey rink in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan. I was hit from behind into the boards during a playoff game, causing my C5 and C6 vertebrae to explode. After a long period of confusion, the inevitability of my situation became apparent, waking me up to the realization that my life would be very different from then on.

Having other things on my mind, the concept of pursuing legal matters was something I really did not want to think about. My parents explained the necessity of it, making me aware of the aspects of life that would become costly and of the benefits which legal action would provide me if my life didn’t resume to its previous expectations. My parents sought the expertise of the personal injury law firm, Pipella Law, to represent my action. I met with Ed Pipella who made me feel confident and comfortable with the notion of litigation.

From that day forth, they handled nearly every detail of the case, allowing me to move forward with my life. They handled the case in an extremely professional manner and as a result, I was awarded a significant sum of money.

It has been over a decade since my accident, and despite the initial progress in the first few years, I am still using a wheelchair and suffer from a considerable amount of pain throughout my body. Life is not simple. However, with the settlement achieved by Pipella Law, I have a great deal of independence and freedom. As a result, I am thoroughly enjoying my life and cannot imagine how difficult my situation would have been if I had not pursued legal action, or had I ended up with less competent representation.

Currently, I am studying philosophy at the University of Victoria in an attempt to achieve a second degree, and I aspire to become a professor, a job that I believe will fulfill me and provide the time necessary to deal with my physical pain. I am fortunate to be afforded the time to seek the right profession for me.

During the winter months, I spend several weeks a year in foreign countries with warm climates where my pain is considerably reduced.

These freedoms make my life not only tolerable, but enjoyable.

There is no question that since the accident, my life is considerably more expensive to maintain. Housing accommodations always have to be altered, medical supplies are extremely costly and my physical therapy, which I choose to continue working at, is no longer covered under health care. Thankfully, I do not need to worry about these expenses. Life is good.

Sherry & Dave S.

March 16th, 2001 is a day that will be etched into our memories as the day that changed our lives forever. A motor vehicle accident claimed the life of our precious 8 year old daughter, Nicole. A vibrant and loving child who had her whole life before her, and then, in an instant, gone from our lives forever. Her death filled us with a grief that we could not have imagined. The only thing that got us through that terrible time was the fact that our 10 year old son, Mark, survived the accident and needed our support and love. The accident left him with a severe Traumatic Brain Injury and he would spend the next several months undergoing various surgeries, treatments and therapies at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Early on into Mark’s rehabilitation, it became painfully obvious that he would be left with permanent and debilitating injuries. It was at that moment that we discussed seeking legal advice. Certainly, it was not that any sort of legal action or settlement would bring back our daughter, or, “undo” Mark’s Brain Injury. There was no amount of money that could begin to compensate for the pain and suffering associated with those types of losses. However, we had to think ahead to Mark’s future and what it might hold. There were so many unknowns. Therapies. What type? How often? For how long? Education. How much assistance would he need? What were his capabilities? Employment. Could he work? Would he need support? How much? Independent living. Was it even possible for him? What would it look like? How much support would he need? For the rest of his life, he would have special needs that we knew we could not afford.

We spoke with a number of lawyers and often ended up with a bad feeling as most of them seemed to be more interested in the potential size of the settlement, (and how much that would net for them), as opposed to how our son was doing. Ed and Tara Pipella appeared sincere in their queries as to Mark’s condition, and how we were doing as a grieving family. They were also willing to negotiate a bit when it came to determining a fee structure for their services. Of particular pertinence, was the fact that the Firm would cover all costs up front and get reimbursed only once there was a successful settlement. That was important as there would be lots of expenses involved, (assessments and testing to back up their case), and we did not have the funds to pay for those up front. What monies we had would be needed to cover the ongoing therapies which would be of immediate benefit to Mark.

Throughout the course of the next few years, Tara and Ed Pipella continued to demonstrate empathy and compassion combined with the skill and experience required to see the case come to a desirable conclusion. Nicole’s estate received a sizeable chunk of money with which we continue to honor her memory through various charities. Mark’s settlement was considerable, and at Ed and Tara’s recommendation was set up as a structured settlement. This means that every month for the rest of his life, (even if he lives to be 110), he will receive a cheque to look after his financial needs.

Mark is now transitioning from high school to life beyond. He will continue to face many challenges, frustrations and uncertainties as a result of his permanent injuries. What we do know is that he has the financial freedom to explore his options, be it continuing with various therapies, (which the province stopped funding years ago), volunteering, or post-secondary education with the required supports.

Throughout all of this, Mark has demonstrated that he has an amazingly positive attitude and a desire to succeed. This “positivity” combined with the financial means to access whatever he needs for supports, will see him achieve his goals, whatever they may be.

We could not have hoped for a better team to represent Mark and the Estate of Nicole. We were most satisfied with our experience at Pipella Law and would strongly recommend Tara Pipella and the team at Pipella Law to anyone who has the misfortune to be in a similar situation.

Jason B.

In the summer of 2001, my life changed in an instant. I somehow survived, but shortly thereafter, I had to take my beautiful spouse off of life support due to her injuries. Obviously this life experience is something that no one should ever have to face, but, unfortunately, some of us do.

Soon after our incident, I had the fortune of being introduced to Ed Pipella, his family and associates. They provided me with a clear, defined perspective of what I would have to do legally to realize some type of resolution with respect to something that obviously could not be valued.

During the difficult course of my case, Ed and his team treated me with the utmost consideration, understanding and expertise that, personally, I can only compare to the service I would have received from some of the best law firms in this country.

Eventually, my lawsuit was resolved in mediation after much effort on Ed’s part, and I can simply define the result as positive.

It is without hesitation that I would recommend Pipella Law to anyone facing an injury claim. I already have.

Patti G.

In 1987, at the age of 10, I suffered a spinal cord injury in a skiing accident which rendered me a C4-5 quadriplegic.

After meeting with several lawyers, my family retained the legal services of Pipella Law to represent my claim. This choice was based upon the fact that Pipella Law specializes in serious personal injury, had extensive experience with impressive results and were interested in taking immediate action.

The small, personable atmosphere of the firm was the best fit for me as a little kid. The team of lawyers demonstrated a real sense of understanding and compassion with respect to the challenges my family was facing and there was never a time when I felt intimidated by the lawyers, or the process of litigation. Everyone at the firm always felt, and continues to feel, like a member of our family. 

My case settled successfully and has had a fundamental effect on my life over the past 20 years. The compensation I received from the litigation has enabled me to lead a fulfilling and relatively independent life. More specifically, I have had the resources to pay for the caregivers and equipment I require to achieve my goals and dreams. (Some of which would have been pretty hard to convince volunteers to do!) With the help of my attendants, I was able to complete Commerce and Law degrees in 8 years with portions of that study being completed in Montreal, Miami and the United Kingdom.

I received my law degree from the University of Calgary in the spring of 2003, and was proud to ‘return’ to Mr. Pipella and Pipella Law for my Articles. I was called to the Bar in the fall of 2004, and continued to practice full time until 2007 when my husband and I, (plus caregiver), took a year long leave to travel the world.

Danielle F.

The night of January 19, 2007 changed my life forever. I was outside going for a stroll while 6 months pregnant. I was at a crosswalk in Calgary. I looked both ways, the sign indicated I could “walk”, so I crossed the street, when all of a sudden, I was hit by a truck.

The doctors gave me 48 hours for the bleeding in my brain to stop before they could determine my prognosis. I sustained many injuries due to this accident which turned my life completely upside down. My family and friends visited me at the hospital, but I could not remember them for a period of time after the incident. I lost mobility of my legs for four months, and was left with permanent neck, back, hip, and balance problems, along with various emotional issues, and a traumatic brain injury. I lost my senses of smell and taste which have never returned, however, I am trying to cope, so I can move forward with my life.

While unconscious in the hospital, my husband found Pipella Law. To this day, my lawyer, Tara Pipella has been extremely helpful to me. Visiting their doctors, along with my own, changed my life for the better. Every opinion matters. Tara and her legal assistant, Del, were amazing. They helped and listened when I felt alone. Tara stressed how important it was for me to get occupational therapy. My OT opened my eyes to new possibilities and to getting more independent in the years following my accident.

Before my accident, I worked as a medical assistant for hospitals in Calgary. After the accident, I had to go on disability due to medical issues because of all my health complications. However, my son was born in April of 2007, happy and healthy. In June of 2010, I gave birth to another boy, however the doctors recommended that I not have anymore children because my body could not handle the further stress of carrying a baby which could permanently affect my mobility. However, having two small boys is the best thing I ever did for settling.

On the day Tara Pipella settled my case, out of court, I took a structured settlement, so I will get paid every month for the rest of my life to cover my financial needs. This has enabled me to be a stay-at-home mother which I love. I would highly recommend Tara at Pipella Law to anyone who has gone through a traumatic experience like mine. The people at the law firm are very kind and efficient with everything. They try to relieve your stress and are extremely helpful. They look out for everyone in the family suffering with an injured one. Thank-you to Tara, Del and the team at Pipella Law.

Suzanne L.

In June 2010, I was struck by a cargo van while cycling to work. Although I have no recollection of the accident, my life changed at that moment. I was lucky that my only external physical injuries were limited to severe bruising on the right side of my body. However, what I did not realize at the time was that the traumatic brain injury that I suffered would leave me with cognitive difficulties, ongoing and often debilitating fatigue, inability to focus on conversations, coupled with heightened sensitivity to noise, and susceptibility to stress, all of which I continue to struggle with today.

I was no longer “the rock”, whom my husband of 27 years and two teenage daughters could rely on, for keeping the family organized. I went from being a vibrant, energetic, driven “A” type personality, to someone who struggled to make it through a work day without crying and having nothing left for me or my family.

Shortly after the accident, my loved ones tried to persuade me to take legal action. I was very reluctant as I felt no malice toward the individual driving the vehicle who hit me, and knew that no amount of monetary compensation would bring back my old self. However, with his insurance company pressuring us to settle or retain a lawyer, we felt we had no choice. I took to the internet and quickly found Pipella Law. After my accident, I began to rely much more heavily on my instincts, as my cognitive functions could not be relied upon, and Pipella Law “felt right”.

When I first met with Tara Pipella several months after my accident, I felt odd speaking to her about my brain injury knowing that she usually deals with much more severely injured people. However, Tara assured me that my brain injury was real and significant and she immediately took on my case.

Over the next 3.5 years, I often questioned if I made the right decision pursuing legal action, as I was required to be assessed by numerous medical experts for both my lawyer and the defense counsel. Each time I had to revisit the accident and the state of my life in agonizing detail. However, Tara always reassured me and provided perspective on the process.

When we finally engaged in a judicial dispute resolution (JDR), with the defense counsel, this is where I saw all of the hard work and diligence that Tara Pipella and her staff had put in. Her professionalism, knowledge of my case, and empathy towards my issues and their impact on my future, allowed us to reach a settlement which has given me the freedom to reduce my hours of work, and re-establish a healthy, happy and active home and social life.

Thank-you Tara.

Fara, Mina & Ghulam Z.

Tara Pipella at Pipella Law was so wonderful! The personal injury law firm helped our family through the hardest of times when one of our family members got into a motor vehicle accident. Tara, Del and Kimber were always responsive and they truly had our best interests at heart. Pipella Law was so kind and generous over the years. We are truly glad we chose Pipella Law to represent us in our case. Thank-you so much for everything!

Becky H.

A few years ago, I was involved in multiple car accidents resulting in injuries that compounded on each other. Though I have always been reluctant to enter into litigation, I think hiring Tara Pipella and her law firm to settle my case was the best decision I could have made. Tara and her assistant Del put in an extensive amount of work and effort towards my case and I always felt like they were looking out for my best interests. Kimber stepped in and was a great support to me, putting me at ease during the Questioning phase with the other Counsel. Loretta and Tara provided support during Mediation, again allowing me to feel comfortable with the process. I am very grateful for the patience and perseverance from everyone involved at Pipella Law to take the time to make me feel like my case was important, and to see it through until the end (almost 4 years later!). I would especially like to thank Tara and Del, and Kimber and Loretta for all that they did for me. If any of my family or friends are injured in an accident and require legal services, I would, without hesitation, recommend Tara Pipella and the legal team at Pipella Law.

Alex T.

Good Morning Tara, Lucinda and wonderful team:

I have been meaning to connect with you, to thank everyone for all the work you put into helping me with my case. I have been in quite a bit of a fog this last week and can finally feel the weight lifted off me. It has been hard to realize that it is over, but every day is better. It is almost like mourning. You guys have been with me through some terrible, trying times……like family.

Thank you for your time, compassion, understanding, patience and friendship. I gathered strength from all of this and am looking forward to a bright future. Your professionalism is astounding and I am very lucky that we chose you to represent me.

I will keep in touch as I journey onward with sunflowers, rainbows, moon beams, smiles and sunshine beaming on me.

Thanks so much,
Love Always,
Alex T.

Catherine L.

On October 4 2010, I was involved in a car accident and I had no idea of the long-term effects it was going to have on my health, energy, social life and career. I did not feel that I was that badly injured at the time, however, as time when on, I developed more and more nagging health issues. When the 2- year deadline to settle with the insurance company was looming and I was still waiting for surgery and other issues to resolve, I was told I had to seek out legal advice. Having had some very unpleasant experiences with lawyers in the past, I was quite upset and did not want to work with a lawyer. I was referred by a co-worker to Tara Pipella; whom they highly recommended. Tara and all of the Pipella group have changed my opinion on lawyers, and I now have some faith and trust in them again.

* In fact I have referred others to her since.

Tara never gave up on me and through the long, drawn out medical processes, she stood by me, although at times, I am sure my distrust of the lawyers came through loud and clear. She was very understanding and made the whole ordeal as pleasant as possible. I can never say thank you enough to her and the firm for finally resolving the case and pushing the insurance company for a settlement on my behalf. Although money can never buy back your health, it can ease some of the stresses in life. I highly recommend seeking this firm out, if you have been injured.

Tom P.

It was a fall that forever changed not only my life, but also that of my wife, Donna, and children, Kate and Amy.

Prior to the accident, that in June 2003 rendered me a C5-6 incomplete quadriplegic, I enjoyed an enviable life. Every free moment found me cycling, hiking, canoeing, running, cross-country skiing, or otherwise enjoying the natural world. I was just completing my 25th year of teaching high school Science, Physical Education and Outdoor pursuits. Life was good.

My wife, also a teacher, and I spent countless hours with our girls who participated in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. Besides being an enthusiastic supporter, I enjoyed coaching their soccer and basketball teams. When summer rolled around, we loved to hit the road in our camper van, enjoying the nomadic life.

Life, as our family knew it, ended the night of my accident, but the realization of the challenges we were going to face took longer to transpire. Although the focus of attention was primarily on me, the needs of the rest of the family had to be considered.

A friend encouraged us to pursue legal action, knowing better than we what ongoing financial challenges we would face.

Word of mouth references led us to engage Pipella Law as our counsel. Through our four years of litigation, we were comforted by the warm, personal approach each member of the firm provided. We felt respected and understood, and were always treated with dignity. We came to realize that they were motivated by the compassion they felt for the plight of individuals like us. Our recent settlement has helped to relieve us of our fears for our future, and we are now able to concentrate our energy on rebuilding our lives. We are eternally grateful to Pipella Law for the significant part they have played in making this happen.

Muhammad Z.

With the assistance of Kimber Pipella and the team at the firm, Pipella Law helped us to get justice.

Darwin & Dina A.

My husband, Darwin, was involved in a motor vehicle accident as a passenger in August, 2016 that left him a quadriplegic C4/C5. After the MVA, he was flown directly by STARS to the care and expertise of the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton. Being fairly new residents to Canada, the ICU staff effortlessly made the rest of my family realize and feel that we were not alone and that help was near.

During the long medical process including meetings, conferences and consultations, we were advised to seek legal representation which pushed my adrenalin to soar up again, as fear, discomfort and the uncertainty of litigation loomed over my head.

The bleak reality of trying to keep my husband alive and coping with our devastated children for whom I needed to stay strong and then to now consider suing a friend, who was the driver?

It felt like huge boulders were raining down on me that day. However, I dialled my dear friend`s phone number for a legal referral, and the rest is history.

Tara Pipella and Lucille travelled to Edmonton and my instincts told me such indication and presence of her family with her was a bonus factor and personally, a true GIFT —THEY are FAMILY to us now.

A flicker of hope and light ignited in me while common notion “lawyer skepticism” terminated right there and then.

In her outmost professionalism, transparency and spontaneity, Tara explained what her law firm does, as well as facts and details of the “would be” case. The best part of our encounter was Tara`s recognition of the basic, simple truth, that is – it is all about DARWIN and rest of his family.

She knew and felt our all around human fragility at that time, and that such a large amount of information she was giving us that day, would only partly sink in, or not at all! She strongly encouraged us to communicate and ask us questions at a more convenient time. And so it was.

Tara emphasized that we try to seek help and take care more of ourselves, to better able to care for Darwin, which we surely did.

She was the best lawyer and at the same time a “medical adviser.”

Within two years, we were so fortunate to be represented by Tara and the rest of the personal, compassionate, and empathetic “power cast” of a team at Pipella Law.

Another plus, was that they did not oblige us to shell out upfront legal fees until the case was resolved.

We basically did not lift a finger.

I am so proud to mention the driven and marvelous Del who was a pillar of strength, not only to clients, but to the firm itself. She took time to listen and left no single question unanswered or unattended to.

Grace patiently kept us directed and guided with her ever comforting voice as well.

To you Kimber and the rest of whom I have not named, you know yourselves, and please accept our forever gratitude for such understanding, friendship, respect and dignity that you accorded to us.

In these turbulent and unpredictable times, you are miracle workers, as Darwin could not be where he is now without you and your law firm.

This is why I will keep in touch with all of you as Darwin`s journey has just begun in a positive, better sense, which you had a hand in yet again. Stem Cell. Muchas Gracias Kapamilya and Kapuso – (Thank you so much . You are family and We are one at Heart ).

Stresses, challenges in life and therapies for Darwin may not bring him back to his full physically, moving self. However, as a family, we will face the future now with better ease and peace of mind from the settlement you fought for on behalf of Darwin.

You even referred us to one of the best structured settlement companies, (Gerri at Henderson), to take care of Darwin`s finances).

You are always, and will be, a source of strength and courage for all of us, as your presence reminds us that He Is Amongst all of us, and He Is Good.

Needless to say for you brothers and sisters out there who become injured, or have been injured:

Get “The help you want when you need it the most” from the Pipella Law Office.

More power as always,

Darwin, Dina and kids

Ray & Anne J.

We found everyone very caring, compassionate, professional and efficient and would recommend Pipella Law over any other law firm. They are truly No: 1!

Jared B.

In late 2014, I was in a bad car accident. I was put in contact with Tara Pipella at Pipella Law, and immediately felt comfortable. The Associates at Pipella Law put a strong emphasis on integrity, which is one of the many great things that helped us obtain a successful outcome. Everything is done professionally, and in a timely manner. It was truly a pleasure working with each one of the team members at this firm. Thank you so much to everyone at Pipella Law!

Shaheen D.

I would like to share my experience with those who are in search of an exceptional and a highly respected and experienced personal injury law firm.
We were extremely fortunate to have Pipella Law represent us in a very serious personal injury case involving a close family member in 2001. Upon resolution, Pipella Law demonstrated the highest level of experience, honesty, and integrity, true to its reputation.

In 2017, we turned to Pipella Law again to represent us in a personal injury case.  The lawyers, as well as each member of the staff, were second to none.  A genuine concern for our health and well-being was expressed from the very first meeting and continued through the course of the case by all the lawyers.
I was able to concentrate on trying to get back to health, while Pipella Law handled everything else.  I would not hesitate even for a second to recommend Pipella Law for your personal injury representation.

This is an honest account of my experience, however, I still think I have fallen short of words to praise the lawyers and staff at Pipella Law. Thank-you.