Bicycle Safety This Summer for Kids

For personal injury lawyers, cases involving injured kids can be difficult, especially in cases where the parents’ negligence may have caused, or contributed to, the child’s injuries.

We would like to see parents take steps to prevent injuries from happening in the first place. Devices including bike trailers can be a hazard if they are not securely fastened, especially at high speeds. Practical bicycle safety tips are outlined in an article put out by the Alberta Health Services Provincial Injury Prevention Program, “Bike and Small Wheeled Recreation Safety.”

Simple steps include placing reflectors on all sides; tightening the harness system; and installing a brightly coloured flag at least 3 feet tall; will help ensure your child is more visible to other cyclists, and reduce the chance of a collision. And of course, bicycle helmets are mandatory for anyone under the age of 18. Even children in bike trailers are required to wear helmets. Following public safety guidelines can reduce the odds of your child getting hurt in a cycling collision.

Unfortunately, accidents can happen even when safety measures are followed. Proof of your adherence to public safety standards can help prove you were not negligent, in the event of an accident. As Alberta Courts have found parents responsible, or partially responsible, for accidents involving their own children, no family wants to be put in that position. The Alberta Health Services Provincial Injury Prevention Program is a helpful resource for parents who want to ensure they are following safety guidelines.

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