Donations Sought For Pipella Law Paralegal

Sarah Stephenson, Paralegal at Pipella Law, has recently gone on an unexpected extended sick leave after her doctors diagnosed her with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer which has spread to her liver and ovaries.

Sarah has a beautiful son, Braydon, and supportive husband and best friend, Mark, who is caring for Sarah at home. Although Sarah has long-term disability, she and her family face much financial hardship, as she is the sole income provider for her family, and it is not enough money to cover their basic needs (rent, utilities, food, gas and other expenses).

Please see the link below to her “Go Fund Me Account” in Sarah Stephenson’s name and please consider helping us raise money for her family so they have the financial support to cover their bills and put their energy into fighting this terrible disease.

Any support you give is greatly appreciated!


Pipella Law