E-Scooters article

In a May 21, 2020 article, Heide Pearson of Global News writes about the return of e-scooters to Calgary in 2020. There are new rules in place, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The scooters are scheduled to return on a 1-month trial basis, with only 150 scooters per company.

Despite the trial run, Mayor Nenshi still advises against scooting as a general rule. There is, after all, a possibility that some e-scooter users will ignore COVID precautions. To mitigate the risks, Mayor Nenshi recommends using hand sanitizer, and giving the handlebars, as well as other “high-touch” areas a wipe, prior to riding. According to Nenshi, more scooters may be introduced if the first month goes well.

Some people have talked about the possibility of COVID-related injury suits in the next few years. If you are diagnosed with COVID after riding an e-scooter, however, suing the e-scooter company may be pointless. It is consumers, not e-scooter companies, who are responsible for cleaning the vehicles after each use. Further, consumers voluntarily accept the risks by choosing to drive e-scooters.

Ultimately, it is best to take precautions. If you decide to ride an e-scooter this summer, take steps to protect yourself. It is important to remember that simply by riding an e-scooter, you are accepting the risk of injury, and of COVID exposure.

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