Injuries From Amusement Rides In Alberta


In 2010 Pipella Law represented several individuals who were involved in a serious amusement park ride accident at the Calgary Stampede.

The outcome from the accident resulted in ten people being injured after riding on “The Scorpion” that carries rotating pods which are spun from extended mechanical arms / spokes, rising and lowering as the ride rotates. The event involved a passenger pod being dropped 10 meters from the air as the ride was in operation.

While the ride owner, North American Midway Entertainment, described the incident as ‘unprecedented’, the CBC has since reported that the company was investigated for a ride malfunction involving a roller coaster the previous year. The roller coaster accident resulted in eight people suffering minor injuries, including a child who was taken to the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Inspection Requirements For Amusement Rides In Alberta

The Alberta Elevating Devices & Amusement Rides Safety Association inspects rides every year, while ride operators are expected to check them every day. Mike Williams, CEO of North American Midway, said The Scorpion was inspected the day of the mishap, as per regulations. However, these inspections are only visual, leaving the possibility that a problem could exist with a component that is not obvious to visual inspection.

Following the incident, the manufacture for The Scorpion had requested that Midway Entertainment shut down the ride until a complete provincial investigation was completed. Stampede officials have taken the steps to investigate the accident internally.

Need A Lawyer For An Amusement Park Ride Injury?

Our personal injury lawyers in Calgary are well versed and experienced with assessing and representing injuries caused by amusement park rides such as water slides, roller coasters, and mechanical thrill rides. If you have experienced back pain, neck pain, or other serious injuries suffered from a malfunctioning amusement park ride, contact our personal injury firm and let us represent your case to ensure you receive the maximum compensation that you deserve for your rehabilitation and long-term pain and suffering. Call us today for help.