Lawsuit Landlord For Negligence


Families Sue Landlord For Negligence

The survivors of a fatal 2009 basement suite blaze in Parkdale, along with the families of the 3 young adults killed in the fire, are suing the landlord of the building for damages while also hoping to send a message to other Canadian landlords regarding the issues of owners liability and negligence. On January 24th, 2011, four separate lawsuits were filed against Akif Amin by the families of Jonathan St. Pierre, Tiffany Cox, Colleen Mantei and survivor Tammy Adacsi.

The 2009 fire was caused by a basement suite’s space heater that had caught fire and filled the basement floor with smoke. The lawsuits take issue with the fact that the smoke detectors in the basement were not working properly, as well as the fact that all basement windows were undersized by fire code regulations, and covered in metal bars that required tools for removal. In December 2009, following the blaze, Amin plead guilty to these fire code violations and was fined over $90,000.

Sending A Message To Landlords In Canada

Aside from the lawsuit’s financial impact on the defendant, the families hope that this lawsuit will bring more awareness to the obligations and responsibilities of landlords.

“It’s not like us families are going to end up being millionaires. We’ll maybe get enough to cover the expenses that we had to pay. I think he should have to pay that,” said Lisa St. Pierre, Jonathan’s mother.

Adacsi’s lawsuit is the largest, seeking $2 million in damages, as she suffered carbon monoxide poisoning, pneumonia, post-traumatic stress disorder and continues to suffer physical and psychological injury stemming from the fire. “There needs to be more awareness. I think he should have gotten criminal charges, personally. I think that would have made a better statement to the public and to landlords. There are some great landlords, but there are some that are very neglectful. And he was neglectful.”

Have You Been The Victim Of Landlord Negligence In Alberta?

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