Pipella Law Assists Local Family In Claim Against Day Home


According to the filed Statement of Claim at the Calgary Court of Queen’s bench, on the afternoon of April 20, 2017, Lochlan Linehan fell down at a Calgary-area day home, resulting in catastrophic injuries that left him vomiting, unresponsive, and in critical condition. The incident, which occurred just 8 days after the boy’s first birthday, is alleged to have left Lochlan with severe, debilitating brain injuries—injuries that left him hospitalized for 16 days, required 6 operations to address, and which have permanently altered his life.

Lochlan’s family believes that the boy was injured due to negligence, and has sought the support of Pipella Law in bringing an $18 million lawsuit against the operators of Calgary’s Bright Beginnings Day Home; $10 million for the future cost of caring for Lochlan, and $8 million for the pain and suffering caused by the Linehan family—particularly Lochlan’s brother, Faolon, who witnessed his sibling “having to be resuscitated by paramedics and taken away in an ambulance.”

Day Homes in Alberta

While there are hundreds of fully licensed day homes and daycare facilities in Alberta that operate under strict legal guidelines, there are potentially thousands of unlicensed operations offering private day home care for children with minimal oversight or legislated requirements. According to the Government of Alberta, “(p)eople who offer child care out of their homes, that have not been approved to operate under the provincial family day home category, are considered private babysitters. These programs can offer private babysitting to up to 6 children, not including their own, at any given time. There are no government oversights on private babysitting arrangement, nor are they monitored by the Government of Alberta.”

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