Pipella Law Proud to Support Mobility Change Makers


Pipella Law: Proud to Support Mobility Change Makers YYC!

 On October 6, 2021, Calgary Alternative Support Services Inc., in partnership with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Alberta, held the first annual Mobility Change Makers YYC event as part of Disability Employment Awareness Month—an annual celebration of the contributions made by workers with disabilities, and an acknowledgement of the ongoing work necessary to reduce employment accessibility barriers.

Mobility Change Makers YYC invited members of the community to utilize assistive technology and equipment for a day to better understand just a few of the challenges people with mobility disabilities must overcome every day to achieve independence, self-reliance, inclusive employment, and full participation in our communities.

Pipella Law is proud to have been a key sponsor for the first annual Mobility Change Makers YYC event.

Pipella Law & Mobility Change Makers YYCTara & Kimber Pipella

Calgary Alternative Support Services and SCI Alberta: Empowering Independence

 Founded in 1988, Calgary Alternative Support Services Inc., (CASS) aims “to address the segregation, isolation and limited opportunities available to people with disabilities. CASS enlists and develops human services professionals to support people to discover and contribute their unique strengths and talents. Our work is about making community connections. Whether it’s finding a place to live, getting a job, or connecting with opportunities for participation and learning, CASS serves people and helps to make the community accessible to everyone.”

 Since 1961, SCI Alberta has been helping Canadians with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities live independent, fulfilling lives.

Services offered by SCI Alberta include (but are not limited to):

  • Affordable housing registry;
  • Fitness, wellness, and nutrition guidance;
  • Information services;
  • Peer support; and
  • Community development and systemic change initiatives.

Pipella Law: Your Calgary Personal Injury Lawyers Proud to Help

Just as organizations like CASS and SCI Alberta strive to aid people living with mobility issues in leading independent lives, Pipella Law works to ensure that spinal cord injuries caused by the negligence or actions of others are fairly compensated.

Strong community support, combined with financial security, can lessen the trauma of spinal cord injuries—which lets people with spinal cord injuries live life on their own terms.

As tireless advocates for people living with disabilities both in, and out of, the courtroom, Pipella Law is proud to have supported the Mobility Change Makers YYC.

If you have suffered a personal injury, contact the personal injury lawyers at Pipella Law today to learn how they can help you recover from this traumatic experience.