Pipella Law Serves Lunch at Drop-In Centre

The dedicated team of legal professionals at Pipella Law have deep roots in the communities in which they live. Recently, the boutique firm sponsored and helped serve lunch at the Calgary Drop-In Centre to a group of over 300 people in need of a hot meal.

Not-For-Profits in Calgary Need Your Help

The work that Pipella Law does in sponsoring so many community events allows these indispensable non-profit organizations to pay-it-forward. The donations received by the Drop-In Centre are amplified in the community. The front line volunteers at the Drop-In Centre ensure that every dollar collected has additional value-added and the benefit goes towards those who need it most. The contributions of Pipella Law support the needs of the local Calgary communities. You can help with this great work.

The Drop-In Centre operates on $1.40/day, per client

The budget for all non-profits is tight, but particularly so for the Calgary Drop-In Centre. Their daily operating budget costs approximately $1.40 per client. With this allotment, they do everything they can to make the lives of the less fortunate a little easier.

Needed Donation Items

These are some of the more in-demand items that are needed for those willing to donate. As always, your time is possibly the greatest thing you can give:

  • Personal Items & Hygiene Products;
  • Razors;
  • Shaving cream;
  • Hand lotion;
  • Full sized towels, (new or used);
  • Blankets;
  • Men’s and women’s underwear;
  • Men’s clothing, (all sizes);
  • Steel toe boots, (new or used);
  • Safety glasses, vests and hard hats;
  • New or used computers;
  • Old computer equipment;
  • General first aid supplies (Gauze, gauze rolls, Band-Aids);
  • Ice Packs;
  • Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Vitamin C;
  • Cough Drops; and
  • Coffee (whole or ground), bulk Sugar and Creamer.

Items can be donated at:

1 Dermot Baldwin Way SE – 24hr drop off
3640 11a ST NE – Hours of operation below
Seven days a week 8:00AM to 4:00PM
(Closed on holidays)