Pipella Law Sponsors Project Warmth Fundraising Gala

Pipella Law was one of the supporters at the Project Warmth fundraising gala which took place on November 28th, 2015, at the Max Bell Theatre featuring the classic play, “A Christmas Carol.

The play that was presented was chosen, first, because it is based on the Charles Dicken’s classic novella. Further, it also serves as a poignant reminder for all of us to share what we have to help others year-round.

Pipella Law is committed to helping the Project Warmth Society of Alberta, and their sister programs, Alberta Champions Society and Operation Kickstart Society. The work that these organizations do provides continuing aid to those in need.

The work that these organizations do

The benefit to the community that is manifested through Project Warmth’s dedication and presence is easy to take for granted. But it means the world to those in need. The Project Warmth Society of Alberta helps to supply blankets and warm clothing to the less-privileged and marginalized residents of Calgary.

The Operation Kickstart Society is there to assist anyone who needs a little help to join the work force. And the Alberta Champions Society helps to recognize Calgarians that have made a significant contribution to their community with dedicated, public art installations.

Give some warmth to your community

Pipella Law would like to remind everyone that we are all able to make our community better by getting involved and giving back. If you want to make a donation to this worthy cause, you may do so at: http://www.projectwarmth.com.

Merry Christmas from Pipella Law!