Pipella Law Supports Injury Victim: Sues for $11M


A man from Mossleigh, Alberta is seeking $11 million in damages after a severe accident left him permanently disabled when a grain auger fell on him. Gerhard Fehr Peters suffered his debilitating spinal injury on May 22, 2012. As a direct result of the incident, he is now deemed a paraplegic after the accident two years ago. The plaintiff was injured while changing a tire on an auger for Hidden Coulee Farms Ltd. and negligence on behalf on the employer is believed to be a factor.

The plaintiff’s firm, Pipella Law, filed a statement of claim on their clients behalf. The parties named in the lawsuit include not only the corporation, but additionally the two directors and shareholders.

The claim reads that the plaintiff “was changing a tire on the grain auger when it suddenly collapsed on top of him.” Furthermore, that the “accident was caused solely due to the negligence of the defendants.”

The company designed and built “an auger which was inherently unstable and therefore unsafe.” These are grounds for at least one case of negligence on behalf of Hidden Coulee Farms Ltd.

Immediately prior to the accident that left him permanently disabled, a further case of negligence stems from the directions the corporation gave to Peters: he had been instructed to change the tire “while the auger stood on a soft, grassy surface.”

The claim filed by Pipella Law states that Peters was hospitalized for 65 days and “diagnosed a complete paraplegic.”

To compensate for the injuries he has suffered, the lawsuit seeks $11,091,500, which includes $5 million for future care, along with $100,000 for his wife and $300,000 for provincial health-care costs.

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