Settlement For US Skeleton Racer


Injury Settlement For US Skeleton Racer

With the representation of Ed Pipella and his Calgary personal injury firm, Pipella Law, America’s top female skeleton racer reached a cash settlement regarding her lawsuit against her own federal governing.

Pikus-Pace, 27, of Eagle Mountain, Utah, was injured while training at the Canada Olympic Park on Oct. 19, 2005. While standing on a platform with other US athletes at the bottom of the course, she was struck by an out-of-control bobsled. The injuries sustained by Pikus-Pace dashed her ability to compete in the 2006 Turin Olympics in Italy.

Her lawyer, Ed Pipella, confirmed that puts an end to the legal dispute between Pikus-Pace and the organization that oversees her sport in the U.S. Pipella said he could not disclose what settlement was reached with the federation. According to court documents, the action was halted “in accordance with the terms of the settlement between the parties.”

Her $1.3-million lawsuit, which included lost income of $1 million, alleged her federation, the bobsled team members, and the Calgary Olympic Development Authority, were negligent in causing the crash.

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