Southern Alberta Brain Injury Society – Camp SABIS, sponsored by Pipella Law

Camp Sabis - Pipella Law   On August 26th, 2022, the Southern Alberta Brain Injury Society , also known as SABIS, held a free BBQ at Bowness Park in Calgary.  This summer BBQ event was a completely free event with plenty of free food, games and fun for the whole family. It is estimated that nearly 5000 Albertans experience a significant brain injury ever year – with this being a likely under-reported figure. SABIS exists to support those impacted by TBIs (Traumatic Brain Injuries) by connecting them to the support and services they need to thrive and live a fulfilling life. Without the support that SABIS provides, individuals and their caregivers may find themselves unable to acquire the support they need, risking losing gains they have made toward recovery. SABIS aims to provide hope and guidance during a time of insurmountable difficulty for these victims. As a premier sponsor of the event, Pipella Law was happy to continue to support this nonprofit organization which began as a grassroots organization over 30 years ago. This organization is dedicated to supporting brain injury survivors and providing access to necessary services and resources to live as independently as possible in the community. Currently serving over 200 members per year, SABIS is funded partially by the Government of Alberta but relies heavily on fundraising and volunteers to keep operations running. If you are considering supporting this integral support organization, consider donating or providing your support here. If you have suffered a personal injury, contact the personal injury lawyers at Pipella Law today to learn how they can help you recover from your traumatic experience.