Swing for Synaptic Golf Tournament: Raising Green on the Green

Pipella Law sponsored the first annual Swing for Synaptic Charity Golf Tournament which took place on August 20th at Calgary’s Blue Devil Golf Club. The Swing for Synaptic Charity Golf Tournament saw dozens of golfers (both solo and in teams), take to the greens for a day of fabulous prizes and great golf—with a sumptuous lunch buffet included to keep everyone going. Of course, the Swing for Synaptic tournament was not just about fun—the event raised funds to benefit Calgary’s own Synaptic Spinal Cord Injury and Neuro Rehabilitation Centre.

Money raised by the tournament will be used for equipment, education, and other resources necessary for Synaptic to maintain a safe, comfortable, and caring environment for their clients—and their clients’ families.

Pipella Law are proud to have been a key sponsor of the Swing for Synaptic Charity Golf Tournament.

Synaptic Spinal Cord Injury and Neuro Rehabilitation Centre: Laughter, Connection, Resilience

Synaptic “was founded by a group of skilled practitioners and forward thinking philanthropists who wanted to bridge the gap in long-term rehabilitation services and offer a client centre facility that provided ongoing treatment after injury or diagnosis.”

Synaptic strives to provide individuals with spinal cord injuries and neurological conditions access to the most progressive rehabilitation technology, education, and therapeutic services available. “With a collaborative approach to healthcare, (Synaptic) team of neuro supportive practitioners work to promote healing, recovery and elevation of function.”

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of private donors, invested community members, and corporate sponsors like Pipella Law, Synaptic operates on a cost recovery model; this ensures service delivery in the most cost-effective manner possible, reducing the financial burden for both those living with spinal injuries/neurological conditions and their families.

Pipella Law: Proud to Support Swing for Synaptic

Just as the staff of the Synaptic strive to help afflicted Albertans fully recover and lead independent lives, Pipella Law works to ensure that those injured by the negligence or actions of others are financially compensated.

Strong community support, combined with financial security, can ease the trauma of debilitating injuries—and let the afflicted live life on their terms.

As tireless advocates for superior healthcare both in, and out of, the courtroom, Pipella Law is proud to have supported the Swing for Synaptic tournament.

If you have suffered a personal injury, contact the personal injury lawyers at Pipella Law today to learn how they can help you recover from this traumatic experience.