Tips For Victims Of Personal Injuries


Restrict Your Contact With The Other Insurance Compan

Following an accident where you have been the victim of someone’s neglect, it is typical that the insurance company representing the at fault party will reach out to you in an effort to collect information about your condition and the circumstances surrounding the accident. While they may pose as simply helpful insurance adjusters, these individuals are working to collect information that will discredit your claim, given you file a suit. In the case where you have been injured in a serious accident, retaining the services of a skilled personal injury lawyer to communicate with the insurance companies is the ideal approach.

If you are involved in a serious vehcile accident, and you are physically able, collect the contact information of the other parties involved as well as by standers who have witnessed the incident. Even if you do not experience injuries or pain on the scene of an accident, it is possible to have post-accident symtoms and injuries such as neck pain, TMJ symptoms, bruising, and head pain that can set in over the days and weeks following your accident.

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Report Your Accident To The Authorities

When ever you have experienced a personal injury, contact the local authorities and sumbit a formal report outlining the details of the accident. If you have been injured on a job site, inform your supervisor or human resource department immediately. Filing such reports sooner than later will ensure that you document the event with the greatest detail, positively contributing to your case for a claim, should you file suit in the future.

Keep A File Of Your Expenses And Appointments

In addition to notifying authorities or your employer of an accident, you should also maintain a comprehensive record of appointments and expenses you have collected such as:

  • doctor’s appointments
  • phyiotherapy treatments
  • massage treatments
  • car rental costs
  • loss of wages
  • medical products

Don’t Waste Time With Legal Action

Even if you are unsure about taking the steps toward filing legal action against the at-fault party, initiating a file with our personal injury lawyers in Calgary will put your case on record and will help you in organizing your claim should you make the decision to do so in the future. Our personal injury lawyers will walk you through your options and provide guidance for organizing your documentation, should you decide to take action.